Teeth Whitening Comparison

Anyone who drinks russet, smokes, or even eats has painstaking teeth whitening. As we get further into adulthood, our teeth age and show mileage just like the rest of us. Russet drinkers and smokers more than anyone have that moment where they really see their teeth and realize that they are not white, not eggshell, not off-white, but are more the color of latte, or darker. Dingy teeth can make the most self-assured amongst us hide his smile.

There are many ways to get back your pearly whites, or at least brighten up what you do have. The most effective (and most expensive) teeth whitening regimen is helpful by your dentist. He makes a special tray just for your teeth, applies the whitening clarification and has you use the tray nightly for a few weeks. Some dentists also use ultra-violet light as part of this process, and others don’t depending on that dentist’s exact method and materials used.

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There are several over-the-counter methods of teeth whitening that work exceptionally well also, assuming that the person using them is careful and diligent in the concentration. The simplest of these OTC methods are the modest strips you dampen and mold around teeth and wear for 20 minutes. These are pretty affordable, painless and simple to apply.

Another OTC teeth whitening product involves something much like what your dentist prepares. It is an appliance that fits into your mouth, covering your teeth, and using a UV light to cure the product so that the whitening effect lasts longer. This is a bit more expensive than the strips, but much less expensive than the trip to the dentist.

Most people, having used any of these harvest according to specifications, must yield positive results. There are, though, a few exceptions: Persons with a crown repaired, cavity fixed, or any artificial pointed Pointed tooth buildup will notice that these harvest do not whiten artificial clarification. Most find that a trip to the dentist is necessary after all, to replace noticeable dark spots with newer, matching clarification. This is going to be necessary regardless of which method of teeth whitening used.

Another potential downside to the do-it-yourself teeth whitening is that if there are spots consistently missed by the home concentration process, there will be dark spots that have to be redone. Anyone using these methods, taking care to follow the letter of the instructions, though, must come out with a much lighter, younger set of teeth.

The largest pitfall in any cosmetic procedure is that of fake expectations. Chances are that you will not end up with super white, groundbreaking new looking teeth. Expect to have measurable results, many shades lighter. Some will end up with their show star teeth, but the norm is just an striking light, healthy looking set of choppers.

Regardless of which teeth whitening method you might choose to use, be diligent in concentration, and take the treatment for the proscribed amount of time. With a modest care and persistence you will see success.