Why You Need to Quit Sugar

Sugar is a loosely based term that can encompass many types of chemicals that is safe for human digestion. Some types of sugars you may have heard of are;

  • Glucose
  • Fructose
  • Maltose
  • Lactose
  • Sucrose

It is important to note that not all these sugars are going to damage or negatively impact your body. Some sugar is necessary for protein synthesis by the human body. The body breaks down the sugar and into the simplest form, Glucose then will use the sugar where and when it is required.

GOOD vs BAD Sugar

When dealing with good or bad sugar the type is not what is important the source is. When we talk about bad sugar it is essentially sugar that can be quickly broken down. The fast processing of the sugar creates high spikes in different hormones in the body such as insulin. When hormones in the body are spiked it can create a chain reaction which damages or harms or bodies normal function. Our hormones are not designed to be quickly reacting and fast normalising chemicals, they are designed to be slow moving and acting. The high spikes in hormones from sugar will cause the follow-on effects to last for a substantial amount of time. The high spike is then accommodated by the body and the body attempts to maintain the new high levels as normal, this explains the sugar cravings we can get after a sugar binge is ending.

When we talk about good sugar the source is often naturally occurring and will not cause a huge spike in differing hormones. The sugar is often accompanied by vitamins and minerals that our body, through evolution, has become accustomed to. These associated vitamins and minerals, mainly fibre, make it much slower to process. As a juxtaposition to the bad sugar, we can see that the slower process will reduce the hormone spike and not create a follow-on or craving for food and sugars.

Benefits to eliminating Bad Sugars

By now we have established that bad sugars can be ultimately defined by the process in which they take to be broken down and the speed of processing. There are the obvious benefits that we can determine from this but let’s go over some more.

Enhanced Lucidity

Consuming bad sugars will decrease brain function according to various studies. The hormones can have side effects which limit brain activity and have a detrimental effect on the way you think. If you have an important exam coming up or are having a hard time at work from stress then it is best to avoid sugar.

Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can be the result of sugar build up in our veins, or ultimately fat deposits, which is the natural deposits for sugar storage by our body.

Prevents Diabetes

Many studies have shown a direct correlation between the intake of sugar and the onset of diabetes. Diabetes is the irregular action of our bodies to regulate the hormones. Type 2 Diabetes risk is severely increased with sugar intake.

Stops Obesity

The natural storage for glucose as used in the body is fat. If you have an excess level of fat then there is a little requirement to intake as much sugar as regular.

Final Word

While Sugar is important to our bodily function it is also harmful if processed too quickly. Being selective in the types of sugars we digest is very important.