Effects of smoking on your oral health

Everybody around knows that smoking is bad for you these days, but it is generally just talked about in connection with lung cancer and heart disease. It has a huge amount of other health complications for your body, what we will be talking about today will be how smoking affects your oral hygiene/health. The problems:

Product Review: Braun Electric Toothbrushes

Brushing your teeth is one of the most important tasks in your day, it has numerous benefits, it keeps your teeth clean and free of plaque, helps keep your teeth white, can help keep your breath fresh and it can just give you a fresh and clean feeling in the morning. I’ve used many different

Why You Need to Quit Sugar

Sugar is a loosely based term that can encompass many types of chemicals that is safe for human digestion. Some types of sugars you may have heard of are; Glucose Fructose Maltose Lactose Sucrose It is important to note that not all these sugars are going to damage or negatively impact your body. Some sugar